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Boundary Surveys

This is the traditional type of land survey which depicts the surveyor's opinion of the boundary location. Boundary surveys require the surveyor to perform research, search for survey monuments, review the evidence, determine the location of the boundary, and prepare a plat and/or description to report the surveyor's findings. If requested, a boundary survey may show improvements. Searchers has three registered surveyors with extensive experience preparing boundary surveys.


Residential Title Surveys

The Title Survey is the traditional approach to combining title information with a boundary survey. This survey typically shows visible improvements and utilities.

Commercial Title Surveys
A title survey of a commercial tract of land will usually require certification to the TSPS Category 1A Land Title Survey standard or the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey standard. Surveys bearing these certifications are used to assist  buyers, lenders, and title companies as they perform a risk assessment prior to closing. 

Family Partitions

Passing on the family ranch to the next generation is an important part of the family legacy. Our team of surveyors have performed hundreds of surveys for family divisions over the years. We have the experience to ensure that the division complies with regulations affecting the division of land.

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