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Form Surveys

Form surveys report the location of building forms in relation to the boundary, setback lines, and easements. These surveys are required by the some municipalities and subdivisions. A detailed form survey can help avoid costly encroachments post construction. 



Topographic Surveys

These surveys depict the relative contours of a given interval on the ground. These contours are interpolated from 3 dimensional points on the ground. Proper techniques must be used to produce an accurate survey. Our staff has extensive experience performing topographic surveys for our clients. 


Tree Surveys

Tree surveys show the diameter, location, and dripline of select trees. The survey reports the type of tree located and the size of the tree. We have performed tree surveys throughout the Texas Hill Country. 

Construction Staking

From siting the buildings to staking for construction, Searchers has done it all. We understand construction and the contractors and the confusion that sometimes exist after stakes are set. As a result, we deliver a staking sheet that clearly identifies each stake to avoid confusion.

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