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Boundary Survey. This is the traditional type of land survey which depicts the surveyor's opinion of the boundary location. Boundary surveys require the surveyor to perform research, search for survey monuments, review the evidence, determine the location of the boundary, and prepare a plat and/or description to report the surveyor's findings. If requested, a boundary survey may show improvements.


Title Survey. The Title Survey is the traditional approach to combining title information with a boundary survey. This survey typically shows substantial improvements and visible utilities. 

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey. ALTA surveys provide buyers, investors, lenders, and title companies with a tool to perform a risk assessment of the property surveyed. If required, the ALTA survey should be requested when the survey is ordered. These surveys are primarily requested for commercial applications such as wind farms, strip malls, and apartment complexes. 

TSPS Category 1A Land Title Survey. Category 1A Land Title Survey standards were established Texas Society of Professional Surveyors (TSPS) in 1977 and updated in 2019. The Category 1A Land Title Survey provides a standard for the unique regulations and situations in Texas. Category 1A surveys can help ensure the particular specific needs of the parties are met.


Subdivision & Platting. Some subdivision plats include one lot, while others include dozens of lots. Whether you are platting one lot or dozens, we can make it happen. We have handled dozens of city plats for developments large and small.


Topographic Surveys. These surveys depict the relative contours of a given interval on the ground. These contours are interpolated from 3 dimensional points on the ground. Proper techniques must be used to produce an accurate survey. Our staff has extensive experience performing topographic surveys for our diverse clients. 

Horizontal and Vertical Control. Sometimes engineers and builders need the assistance of a surveyor to establish accurate project control. We have performed control surveys that are customized to the needs and tolerances of that specific project. 

Tree Surveys. Tree surveys show the size, location, and dripline of select trees.

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